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COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Policy


Throughout the unprecedented situation we’re all facing as a result of Covid-19 the safety and the well-being of our customers, staff and ground crew is our main priority. Our expectation is that this summer will remain our busiest season to date and we are continuing to focus on our ability to deliver your flying experience whilst protecting your health and that of our staff and ground crew.

As part of our revised policy, all Aero Legends flight operations from Headcorn Aerodrome and Sywell Aerodrome have been postponed until the end of May. Our plans are under continual review, as such this period may be subject to change based on the guidance from the relevant health authorities.

We will continue to operate a flying schedule that ensures that our customers who wish to fly can do so. In May, we will commence a reduced flying schedule at North Weald Airfield for dual-occupancy aircraft as the recently refurbished facility is also best placed to be treated as a controlled environment. We will base a Two-Seat Spitfire, Harvard and Tiger on site throughout the month.

The revised flying schedule will be designed to minimise the your contact with other customers and their guests. Should you choose to fly from North Weald during this period, we will allocate a 2-hour block which provides the required time for briefing, the flight and to turn around the facility and aircraft between flights with the updated hygiene policy set out below. We will restrict the total number of customer groups to five per day.

Due to the number of occupants onboard the aircraft and the crowd sizes at the Fly with a Spitfire and Dual Fighter events, these product lines will be suspended and rebooked for later in the year when government health guidance indicates that social distancing/isolation is no longer required.

Hygiene Policy

To achieve a safe environment for both you, our staff and ground crew we have put in place a revised Hygiene Policy to be implemented before we commence any customer flying.


Safety Equipment


Risk Mitigation For Aero Legends Customers

The safety and the well-being of our customers, staff and ground crew is our main priority, therefore it’s very important that close attention is paid to this section.

We understand there is uncertainty at this time, so if you currently have a booking with us but would prefer not to fly now, then you can postpone your experience booking. We will waive any date/time change fees and expiry restrictions, this applies to all existing and new bookings until further notice. By waiving any experience change fees and expiry restrictions, we want to ensure you have more flexibility to amend your flight booking once you have decided the best way forward for you.

In line with the guidance provided by the health authorities, customers who develop symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 are urged to self-isolate and not to attend their booked flight. By waiving any experience change fees and expiry restrictions, we want to ensure you have the ability to adhere to this guidance.

For the duration that this revised policy is in place, we will use split operational teams consisting of only essential crew for the delivery your experience. In the event a member of an operational team begins to show symptoms of Covid-19, Aero Legends will stand down the remaining members of the team for a period of self-isolation as recommended by the health authorities.

Your temperature will also be taken upon arrival and you will be required to wash your hands immediately upon entering the facility. All customers and their guests will be provided with a single use gloves for your protection.

We will not be providing hot drinks, however bottled water will remain available.


All important updates will continue to be provided by email to customers. An initial statement was released 18/03/20 and is available on our website:

We are in the process of working with the managers of our flying sites to provide additional capacity later in the flying year and to agree a schedule for the early part of 2021. When these dates become available, we communicate them to our customers by email.

We have begun proactively contacting customers affected by the delayed start of our flying schedule with the options. Please feel free to contact us on with any further enquiries.

Kind regards,

The Aero Legends Team