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Rare Addition for Aero Legends

One of the last remaining Thruxton Jackaroos has been acquired for Aero Legends.

One of the last remaining Thruxton Jackaroos has been acquired for Aero Legends. The Thruxton Jackaroo is a conversion of the Tiger Moth which came about during the early 1950s when the managing director of the Wiltshire School of Flying, Sqn Ldr J. E. Doran-Webb, was considering building a high wing four to five seat aircraft for touring utilising Tiger Moth components which were plentiful at that time. He was introduced to Ronald Prizeman by the Royal Aero, who designed a four-seat biplane around the Tiger Moth with a revised fuselage section. This became the D.H.82A (Mod) Jackaroo.

The basic wing structure, tail and rear fuselage were not changed but the front fuselage side frames were moved apart by 12.5 inches and four seats were installed. A wider undercarriage was added plus extra fairings at the wing root and fuel tank. The nose was extended by moving the engine forward by 8 inches and the rear fuselage also lengthened. Two prototypes were built at Thruxton in 1956, one of which was configured as a cargo/crop sprayer.

The first conversion flew on April 15, 1957, and 15 further Tiger Moths were subsequently converted by Jackaroo Aircraft Ltd. Rollason aircraft at Croydon completed one more Jackaroo conversion to bring the total to 19 aircraft produced. No more orders were received and a further five aircraft on the production line at Thruxton were broken up for spares.

Of the 19 Jackaroo’s converted only six remain. Three of those are in flying condition, two in the UK and one in Canada. One of the UK based examples, G-AOIR is the aircraft acquired for operation by Aero Legends.

G-AOIR was originally built as a Tiger Moth during World War 2 for the R.A.F. with the serial R4972 and served as a trainer until sold to a consortium during 1956.

Its life as a Tiger Moth in the civilian world was a short one as it was converted to a Jackaroo during 1957, gaining a C of A on the 12th December 1957. It was operated by the Wiltshire School of Flying for nine and a half years before being sold. It then had a further six owners before it was purchased for operation by Aero Legends.

G-AOIR will be available for those who would like to experience a trial flight in a biplane in the company of a family member or friend.