Towards Night’s Darkness

Towards Night’s Darkness

As the setting sun casts a golden glow, a group of Lancasters from 576 Squadron form up after departing from their Lincolnshire base at the start of a raid into Germany in late 1944. The lead aircraft UL-I (LM227) was one of only a handful of Lancasters to complete 100 operational sorties.

Overall Print Size: 24½” wide 18¾” high

Whilst the ‘Few’ of Fighter Command had undoubtedly defeated the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain, it was the ‘Many’ of Bomber Command who were to play the pivotal role in delivering to the Allies ultimate victory in Europe. But it came at a terrible cost: with an average age of only 22, the odds of survival were slim and by 1943 the life expectancy for bomber aircrew was just 5 missions. In fact on one raid alone – the Nuremberg raid of 30/31 March 1944 – 543 aircrew were killed, more than Fighter Command lost during the entire Battle of Britain.

Robert Taylor’s evocative painting is a moving tribute to these men of Bomber Command.

Between them the airmen of Bomber Command won 23 Victoria Crosses during WWII, and countless others were highly decorated for courage and commitment. Some of these veterans have now joined together to sign this commemorative limited edition to honour all those who served with Bomber Command. They include some of the RAF’s most inspirational leaders; men such as James ‘Tirpitz’ Tait, one of the most highly decorated RAF airmen of WWII. Although sadly no longer with us, we are privileged that he was able to personally sign the prints during his lifetime, creating a truly historic collectors edition.

Joining artist Robert Taylor, each print in every edition is signed by FIVE highly respected aircrew who flew Lancasters with RAF Bomber Command during WWII:

Warrant Officer HARRY IRONS DFC
Flight Sergeant JIM McGILLIVRAY
Warrant Officer KEN JOHNSON
Warrant Officer JAMES COPUS