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The latest addition to the Aero Legends fleet: Yak-3

Yak-3 G-CDBJ

We are excited to announce the latest addition to the Aero Legends fleet – Yakolev Yak-3 (G-CDBJ). This Yak-3 is a two-seat and full dual-control fighter. It will be used for flying experiences from our base at North Weald Airfield, including; passenger flights, tail chase and formation flights with our already established and popular Spitfire flying experiences.

The Yak-3 was the culmination of fighter development at Yakolev and drew on research gleaned by the Soviet research establishments during the first two years of the Second Wold War. The aircraft out performed its predecessors at every altitude and even outperformed the formidable German FW190 and ME109. 

This verdict was unanimous among Russian pilots – the Yak-3 was superior to the  Focke-Wulf 190 and Messerschmitt 109 at lower altitudes. A large dogfight developed on 16 June 1944, when 18 Yak-3s clashed with 24 German aircraft. Soviet Yak-3 fighters shot down 15 German aircraft for the loss of just one Yak. The following day, Luftwaffe activity over that section of the front had virtually ceased.

On 17 July 1944, eight Yaks attacked a formation of 60 German aircraft, including escorting fighters. In the ensuing dogfight, the Luftwaffe lost three Ju-87s and four ME109’s, for no loss.The Luftwaffe subsequently issued an order to avoid combat below five thousand metres with Yakovlev fighters

Though it only flew in service during the latter part of the war, it is widely regarded as one of the finest fighters of the era, a superb addition to the Aero Legends fleet.