Leeds Castle Spitfire And Hurricane Dual Fighter Experience

  • Flight in a vintage RAF de Havilland Devon alongside an original Spitfire and Battle of Britain Hurricane
  • 20-minute experience in the same air space the Battle of Britain was fought
  • A close formation, wing to wing with an original WWII Spitfire and Battle of Britain Hurricane
  • Includes an essential Ground Viewing of the Spitfire and Hurricane

You are required to arrive and ‘Check-In’, at the RAF dispersal Hut by the runway, at least 60 minutes before your proposed flight time. Here you can present us with your ticket/voucher and your booking confirmation emails. Once you have checked-in, we ask that all passengers gather at the check-in desk 15 minutes before their Flight Time. If you have any questions throughout the day, please visit the Check-In desk.

If you have bought a ‘Sit In A Spitfire Experience’ you can do this at 1300 if your proposed flight time is at 1000, 1100 or 1200. If your proposed flight time is at 1400, 1500 or 1600 your ‘Sit In A Spitfire Experience’ is at 1700.

Book 20 Minute Fly With a Spitfire & Hurricane Dual Fighter Experience

£499.00 20 minutes